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Village Visits

Welcome to Varanasi Loom to Luxury, one of the last remaining handloom silk weaving enterprises in India. Your visit and tour will offer you a unique view into the world of handloom silk weaving, a 500 year old Indian tradition that is deeply interwoven into our cultural identity.

About us
Only just one decade ago, as many as 100,000 handlooms were actively in use. But since the rise of the power loom and the outsourcing of cheap labor to factories, this number has more than halved. Varanasi Loom to Luxury is committed to keeping the handloom tradition alive, preserving the singular luxury of the handmade and the artisan livelihoods that it supports.

Varanasi Loom to Luxury has had the distinct pleasure of working with respected names in the luxury fashion industry, like Maiyet, The Row and KITX. Beyond our business, we function as a social enterprise committed first and foremost to our weavers and their families. In partnership with non-profit Nest, we are committed to building a community of happy and healthy artisans working in a safe, inspiring environment. We seek to set an example for future generations who will see weaving not only as a viable source of income for their families, but also as a national tradition worthy of pride and preservation.

Your Tour

Your tour will be led by Varanasi Loom to Luxury’s founder, Jitendra Kumar, who will accompany you to the serene villages of Ayodhapur and Kotwa. Here, Jitendra will share his vast knowledge of textile design and weaving, history of craft in India and the evolution of Varanasi Loom to Luxury over the past eight years. Your tour will include a detailed presentation of the fascinating jacquard hand-loom, the exclusive opportunity to see the ancient handloom process in action, and time to meet the skilled craftsmen who weave these stunning fabrics. You will also be given the opportunity to try your own hand at the shuttle of one of our looms!

Your tour will conclude at the Varanasi Loom to Luxury offices where you will be served a traditional chai and local snacks. While enjoying your tea, you are invited to view our fabrics and shop our collection of handmade products including stoles, saris, and fabric by the meter. We look forward to having you join us for this once in a lifetime journey.

Tour Details:

(Transportation can be arranged upon request)

Loom to Luxury is a social enterprise focused on the support of weavers through the production of hand-woven fabrics. Our village visits are offered as a unique experience for those who share our enthusiasm for the craft of hand loom weaving and our desire to share it with the world. Your fee is used to support our on-going efforts to improve and better these weaving communities. We do not pay commissions to guides.

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Varanasi Loom to Luxury Contact Information:

House No D59/143A, Sant Raghuvar Nagar Colony, Sigra, Varanasi (Behind Sai Baba Temple); 

Mobile: +91 895.343.2121 / Office: 0542.645.5995